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The Flying A Story

Founded in 1978 as a full service advertising agency…Flying A has developed an impressive track record of delivering cost-effective and results-driven media and promotional programs. We have worked with many high-profile clients over the last 35 years…some on a project basis and long-term relationships with others. Regardless of the relationship, Flying A delivered. Unmatched service, cost-effective programs, results.

Tidewater Oil Company

Flying A was originally the marketing identity of Tidewater Oil Company – owned by the maverick tycoon J. Paul Getty. When Getty sold his oil empire the Flying A logo was not protected. Being mavericks ourselves, we figured the Flying A logo would also serve us well. To us, it exemplifies the determination, creativity and effort necessary to succeed in a highly competitive business like oil…or advertising. Fortunately, we were able to establish and register the Flying A logo as our U.S. trademark. So, what was good enough for Getty is good enough for us. Somehow…we think he would agree.